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Owner, Marketing Director, Event Planner, Fitness/Pole Dance Instructor, Certified Pilates & Personal Trainer, Tanning Technician

PoleFIT Revolution is a unique studio that gives women a place to play and discover their active and sexy self in a safe environment. I've been an active professional, manager and fitness consultant in the Health & Fitness Industry for almost 16 years. I am a certified Personal Trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and certified Group Fitness instructor by ACE, AFAA, and AEA. I have been teaching Pilates and Yoga for almost 10 years and I'm a Professionally Certified Pilates Instructor (900hr. +, Beginner - Advanced, Special Needs & PreNatal) through PEAK Pilates out of Boulder,CO. I completed my 200hr Yoga Shala Training in 2002 as a way to further enrich my love for Mind/Body forms of exercise. I was introduced to Pole Dancing at a home party and got serious about practicing this fun fitness alternative over 5 years ago after my 2nd child by c-section.  As I pursued my pole fitness journey by learning from dance competitors, classes, national fitness conventions, and self taught practice I immediately saw how my experience with yoga, pilates, and fitness classes translated into one workout on the pole.  I wanted to use my background to teach safe and effective pole fitness to others.  I started by leading many home parties and private lessons. As I trained my clients (mostly female) in all forms of fitness I saw the opportunity and need to share my passion and experience with others to help them create the body and regain the confidence they deserve. 

Lead Instructor Pole Dance/Chair (Lap Dance), Aerial Instructor, Marketing Liason
Sara has been pole dancing on and off for 8years.  She worked for 5 years in a Professional Ballet Company, 2 years as a principal ballerina, Certified Cecchetti and En Pointe instructor through Association of Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (AISTD).  Her experience gives her the natural grace and beauty on stage and in every choreographed routine she creates.  She is a pro when it comes to stage presence and sensual flow.  Sara has embraced the unity of Pole Dance, ballet and fitness to create her sexy, smooth classes with a sporty twist that students love!

We have affectionately nicknamed Sara our "Spider Monkey" as she can twist and lift herself into just about anything.  Sara deals with a Hyperactive Thyroid which causes her metabolism to be unnaturally high (I know we keep asking her to bottle it up for us), this leaves her with an extremely lean physique.  Her thin legs keep her from grabbing the pole with them a lot but she has amazing upper body strength that has also made her a great teacher for our male students because she can challenge their upper body as well and give them tricks to suit their body type.  Sara is a single mommy of a very active toddler whom we all hear hilarious stories about so she understands what its like to embrace motherhood...wearing many role model hats for her son while still keeping her own sense of individuality as a sexy confident female with goals and the passion for success.  Sara truly loves to share her knowledge and talent for pole dancing and shows that warmth and welcoming love in every class.

  Ray Kyle (Salsa Ray)
   FIT Instructor, CPT & AFAA Presenter
-AFAA Certification Specialist  
(Primary Group Certification & Kickboxing Specialist)
  -Certified Personal Trainer (AFAA)
  -Certified Group Fitness Instructor (AFAA & ACE)
  -Certified Aqua Instructor
  -Instructor, Performer, Choreographer: Latin Dance, Hip Hop, Break Dance


Pole Dance Instructor
Dee fell in love with the art of dance at just 2 years old and even today she is continuously inspired by the challenges and rewards presented from its devotion.  Dee has been a self taught pole dancer for 10 years and has been teaching students privately for over 5years.  Dee can teach anyone how to turn their sexy ON...her moves are mezmorizing!  Dee is excited to share her love of dance and give each student the chance to become empowered to find their inner goddess! 


Heather J.
FIT & FLY Instructor

Heather started pole dancing by one day walking into PoleFIT Revolution.  Though she had an interest in the art, she did not know if it was something she could do even though she has a background in competitive figure skating.  Right away she fell in love with the uniqueness and physical challenge it provided unlike any other dance form.  Pole dancing allows anyone, no matter what background or body type, to develop their own sense of style and flow.  It is also an art form that encompasses strength, grace, determination, and a good amount of pain tolerance.  As a teacher of each of these elements Heather will guide anyone with the desire to dance on how to develop these skills along with an exclusive personal technique.

Candice B.
FIT & FLY Instructor
Bio Coming SOON!

Stefanie W.
FIT & FLY Instructor
Stefanie has been doing pole since 2005. She is certified through the Pole Dance Association levels 1-7 advanced (PDIC). Although pole fitness is her primary skill she enjoys silks, lyra, free weights, and flexibility training as well. She become bored with standard gyms over the years and found the aerial arts is not only challenging but a fun way to stay in excellent shape. Before pole Stefanie was active duty Army for almost a decade with an honorable discharge as a Staff Sergeant and a combat tour to Iraq. She moved on to civilian life now certified as an Emergency Medical Technician and a pole fitness instructor.  Stefanie has two wonderful boys and a husband loves dearly and has supported her through the hardest of times.
 Stefanie's Mantra's are "IF THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY", "Mind over matter", and "You are what you eat".
She beleives that self fulfilling proficy is real, and you create your own future. It's NOT whatever happens, happens...it's what YOU want to happen!


Substitute Pole Dance Instructor
Tiffany has started her pole dance journey as a student at PoleFIT Revolution and after 2 years of dedication and hard work she earned her title as a PoleFIT Revolution Instructor.  Tiffany know what its like to hit plateaus in pole fitness and what it takes to overcome them and get to the next level.  Tiffany has also trained with several Pole Pros in the industry and when she is not poling she is an overachieving student at Oakland University with a double major in Japanese and French.  NOTE:  Tiffany is currently in Alaska and not currently teaching on the schedule.