Airbrush Tanning
The Best Tan in the city!


Achieve the most realistic Airbrush Tan on the market without damaging your skin in the sun or using harsh chemicals. We use the highest quality grade solutions in the industry and they WILL NOT leave you with an orange will look like you just got back from vacation. With 5 levels of tans you will get a tan formulated to look the best on YOU! We also include body contouring with every tan. Our sulutions are water based and made of natural ingredients. Visit to read more about the products we use. Contact Us for an appointment.


Fantasy Tan level 1,2,3 (Clear available)

$50.00 20-30min. 1 $50.00
Fantasy Tan level 4 $55.00 20-30 min. 1 $55.00
2 Tans in 48 hours level 1-3 $45.00 20-30 min. ea. 2 $80.00
2 Tans in 48 hours level 4 $50.00 20-30 min. ea. 2 $100.00
Competition Tan
Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini Competitors...additional tanning layers for deep dark competition tan (2 Tans in 48 hrs level 4-5)
$60.00 20-30 min. ea. 2 $120.00


~ It is ideal to get your airbrush tan the day before your event but the day of is possible if needed.
~ Exfoliate your skin well before you come in, paying special attention to your hands, feet, elbows, knees and shins.  Do NOT moisturize before your tan.
~ Women can go topless or nude if they choose but if you want to wear something for the tan any underwear from briefs to thongs, bras and bathing suits are fine....just know if it's covered it will not get tanned.  Men MUST wear a bathing suit or boxers to be tanned.
~ You will remove all jewelry and pull your hair back off your freshly cleaned face and neck. 
~ Wear dark loose clothing to leave in after your tan and if possible leave without a bra on since bras tend to rub and wear off our skin and we want the solution to have ample time to develop into a beautiful tan!  Wear loose shoes or flip flops and remove as soon as possible during developing.
~ Our airbrush tans last 5 - 10days depending on how you prep your skin and care for your tan.